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5 Reasons why Noosa, Australia should be on your bucket list

While backpacking, you're bound discover some special places that hit a soft spot in your heart. For me, one of these from my journey so far is Noosa. Located in Queensland on the Sunshine Coast, Noosa is a surf town with endless beautiful views. I originally just headed here as it's where my Fraser Island trip departed from, but I'm so pleased that it brought me to Noosa. It's such a great destination in it's own right. Here's 5 reasons why you should visit...

1) It's only 3 hours on the Greyhound Bus from Brisbane

As we started in Melbourne and travelled up the East Coast towards Cairns, Noosa was naturally on route from Brisbane. Using the Greyhound Australia service makes travelling up the east coast soooo stress free and easy. Travel can be booked online very quickly and easily using your booking number and pin provided. After being in a camper van for two weeks prior and personally driving over 900 miles, being able to sit back and enjoy the air-con and free wi-fi without having to focus on the roads was bliss. The journey takes just 3 hours from Brisbane and the driver even dropped us off at the entrance to our accommodation, meaning we could forget the chore of lugging our heavy backpacks all the way there.

2) It's a great spot to catch some waves

Although we didn't personally do any surfing, Noosa is a surf town with such chilled vibes. I'm definitely not skilled enough to tackle the waves without an instructor but I really enjoyed watching the surfers hit the waves of Noosa's many beautiful beaches. Our hostel (Flashpackers Noosa) also had free surfboard hire available to its guests, making a fun and free day out. Surf's up dudes! If like me you're not quite confident enough to surf solo, why not just go for a dip in the ocean and enjoy the thrill of the waves? There's almost nothing that makes you feel more like a kid again than jumping over the waves as they hit you and feeling the water splash against your skin.

3) You can enjoy a free day out at Noosa National Park

A highlight of Noosa for me was visiting Noosa National Park. If you're a fan of wildlife spotting, beautiful costal views and hiking then this is the place for you. Be prepared for a long trek with rewarding sights. We hiked all the way from the entrance of the national park to approximately the half way point. It was very hot so please make sure to pack lots of water as well as sensible walking shoes. At the entrance of the park you'll find the visitor centre. Take a look at the board they have out the front as it will tell you the best spots to find koalas on that day. We saw one sleeping amongst the trees and it was just adorable. It really gives you extra motivation to continue on the hike and see what else you can find.

4) Noosa Fairy Pools

Possibly the most famous part of Noosa's National Park are the Fairy Pools. Located approximately half way around the track, these pools are famous for visitors taking a dip in the crystal blue waters and looking like real life mermaids. I wasn't quite prepared for how hard these would be to get to. To reach the pools themselves you have to walk down a very rocky, downhill path. Stupidly I was wearing flip flops so please make sure to wear trainers and tread very carefully. When we reached the pools the tide was in and very high, making it dangerous to actually get in them. I really enjoyed visiting the pools and taking in the views but if you do wish to swim inside them them I would recommend that you check the tide times before heading out and pursuing your mermaid dreams. Natures beauty is waiting for you!

5) Discover the community feel in the town

During my time in Australia I have been trying to collect a pin badge from each place I've been to so that I can create a cute pin board once I return from my travels. I popped in to a cute little gift shop in Noosa in search of a badge and was so touched by the shop keepers story. He told us all about how his family have lived in Noosa for over 100 years, meaning many generations have grown up there. I loved hearing how passionate he was about his home town and he was very adamant that he'd never want to live anywhere else. I actually didn't find a badge in the store, but I did leave with a seashell anklet. The shop keeper told us how everything that was for sale in the store was made by one of 14 participating families who live in Noosa. I really love how the community are all so close and support each other, meaning visitors can support them too through tourism. It's so nice to know that you're giving back directly to the people who live in a town, rather than the corporate giants.

This post is part of a campaign to promote Greyhound Australia. All views are my own and I have not been instructed on what to include in this piece.