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Backpacking essentials: Things you'll need for your next big trip

When I was planning my big backpacking trip around the world, I had no idea where to start when it came to packing. Going to Spain for 2 weeks with a suitcase is one thing, but having to cram your whole life in to a backpack and consider everything you might need for the foreseeable future is completely different (and slightly scary) haha. I've complied a list of all the things that I found I used and needed the most on my trip to make it just a little bit easier for anyone else planning to do the same. So, here we go!

1) Packing Cubes

The first obstacle with any trip is the actual packing you need to do before you get there. I found that this set of packing cubes fit in to my backpack perfectly and really helped me to organise everything that I needed to bring. I think the best part about having them was knowing exactly where everything was when I was on the go so that I could access it quickly and easily. You'll definitely have times where you'll only be in a hostel or hotel for a night or two without any time to unpack and this is where you'll be the most thankful for them.

2) Your own Travel Cutlery

This was something that I really hadn't thought about until last minute, but boy am I glad that I did. Not all hostels and hotels have cutlery available for you to use, and sometimes when they do it's not in the best state. I felt comfortable using my own cutlery knowing that it was clean, safe and nobody else had used it. As well as for evening meals, it also came in handy for making sandwiches to take out during the day and bring living costs down. A cheap addition to your backpack that you'll thank yourself for later!

Grab yourself a travel cutlery set here

3) Canon G7X Mak ii Camera

My oh my, where would I have been without this camera? I purchased my Canon G7X Mark ii about a year in advance of my backpacking trip to give me time to play around with the settings and get used to shooting on it. This camera is such great quality and SO easy to use. Most of the time I just shoot on auto and it's perfect. It auto focuses for you making it great for beginners. To me, there's nothing more important than being able to quickly capture a moment so that you can look back on it later and this camera does just that. With the addition of a front facing screen, Canon's G7X Mark ii makes it easy to take the perfect selfie or even have a go at vlogging if it's your kinda thing.

Purchase your very own Canon G7X Mark ii here

4) Ethique Shampoo bars

I have long, wavy hair and I was absolutely dreading the thought of having to lug around big bottles of shampoo and conditioner everywhere with me. When I discovered Ethique's Shampoo and Conditioner bars it was like heaven on earth! I was backpacking for over 2 months and I used these throughout my whole trip and there's still loads left to use for next time I go. Having long, thick hair I was sceptical at first but they exceeded my expectations by far. The bars are also completely natural, plastic free, vegan friendly, plant based and 100% compostable with no waste!

Check them out for yourself here

5) A decent power bank to charge your electronics

When I found this power bank online before my trip I was SO excited. Not only can you charge this up from the mains (like any other power bank) but this one also has a solar panel on the front, meaning it's constantly topping up while you're out and about. I used this bad boy not only to charge my phone, but also to give my GoPro the extra boost it needed after a day of capturing our adventures. It also has a really strong torch on it with lots of settings, which actually came in handy more than I expected it to. It was particularly great while doing a 2 week road trip in a Camper van!

Grab one for yourself here

And there we go! Those were my top 5 essentials for my backpacking trip - The things I loved, used and needed the most! I can't wait to get back out in to the world (hopefully in the not so distant future) and use them all over again.

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